About Brandon Barash

Photography has been a passion of mine since I received a slim, shiny, and gold Kodak Disk camera for my 5th birthday. 

To this day, the idea of not only capturing, but creating an indelible moment with a single piece of (then) film fascinated me.

 In addition, the reality and truth of that moment, like a good Dylan song, can be interpreted by the photographer and the viewer with infinite possibilities.  

 One of the best things about my job as an actor is that it allows me the opportunity to travel around the country, and when I’m lucky, around the world to meet my fans and acquaint myself with their surroundings, thus encouraging me to foster a relationship not only with a different kind of camera but also from the other side of the glass.  

Not only are pictures worth a thousand words but they tell great stories. 

Here are some of mine…